Mirrite by Palram

What is MIRRITE Outdoor Flooring?


There’s something magical, something mysterious about the new Mirrite exterior flooring from Palram. It looks like real wood, but here’s the secret: It’s actually low maintenance, long-lasting PVC decking with exceptional scratch and stain resistance.

Best-in-Class Stain Resistance

Sunscreen, bug spray, rubber mats and citronella will damage other synthetic decking, but have no effect on Mirrite Outdoor Flooring.

High-Impact Protective Shell

Our MirriShield protective shell makes Mirrite more resistant to stains, scratches and dings than any decking available today.

Total Edge Coverage

Unlike other “realistic” looking deck board brands, Mirrite's wood image extends from top to bottom on the sides of the boards.

Outstanding Warranty

Mirrite has a transferable limited lifetime warranty, 25-year stain and fade warranty, and 2-year labor/replacement warranty.

Mirrite gives real wood an inferiority complex.

When we say Mirrite Outdoor Flooring looks real, we don’t mean it looks “similar” or “pretty darned close.” We mean it looks exactly like wood, with all the variation in color and grain — and none of the drawbacks.

How does Palram make Mirrite so photo-realistic?

Through high-tech sleight of hand — an optical illusion so perfect you can call it “real life.” As you gaze at your new deck, you’re seeing exact reproductions of sustainably sourced wood from tree species like ipe, walnut and teak.

Through Palram’s revolutionary duplication and manufacturing process, you can enjoy the identical twin of any wood from anywhere in the world right in your own home — without the many downsides of using actual wood.

Mirrite is the mirror image of Nature.

We start by sourcing dozens of beautiful, full-length wood boards from global lumber importers, making sure we choose wood that has been sustainably harvested.

Next, our proprietary duplication process provides us with perfect reproductions of every single board. We capture every wonderful subtle variation — even the highly desirable "flaws" that make each board truly one-of-a-kind.

That's why Mirrite decks look so real. The artificial wood colors and embossing on other decking products provide a boring similarity across the entire deck. But Mirrite boards have enough natural variation that your guests will never know they’re standing on the latest in manufacturing technology.

Mirrite removes limitations to outdoor living.

At heart, Palram is a technology company. With 50+ years experience in a wide range of building products, we know that being “beautiful” isn’t enough — so we engineered Mirrite to be extremely tough and durable, too.

Our international team of engineers and scientists combined protective technologies from different areas of Palram. The result is MirriShield™ — a unique shell that’s more resistant to stains, scratches and dings than anything else available.

Sunscreen. Bug spray. Citronella. Charcoal fluid. These common, everyday materials will quickly stain ordinary PVC decking. But not Mirrite. So enjoy your new living space and never worry about staining Mirrite exterior flooring.