Mirrite by Palram

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

WHO is Palram Americas, the manufacturer of Mirrite?

Palram Americas is the U.S. arm of Palram Ltd. Headquartered in Israel, with manufacturing facilities around the world, Palram has been innovating, engineering and manufacturing high-performance PVC and polycarbonate products since our founding in 1963. With more than half a century of technology innovation and expertise under our belts, we’re a global leader in plastics manufacturing—and the go-to partner for discerning companies in construction, remodeling, architecture, agriculture, graphics/displays and more. Mirrite Outdoor Flooring is manufactured entirely in the USA in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

Where can I buy Mirrite?

Mirrite Outdoor Flooring has limited availability for the time being. You can see our list of authorized dealers on our Where to Buy page.

IS matching fascia available?

Yes – fascia that matches each Mirrite species is available in 11.25 inch and 7.25 inch widths in 12-foot lengths. But it's also good to know that Palight Trimboard – available in Sand, Clay or White colors – also makes an outstanding complement to Mirrite Outdoor Flooring. Palram gives homeowners, remodelers, builders and contractors multiple choices for the greatest design flexibility.

Can mirrite be scratched or dented?

Mirrite Outdoor Flooring resists scratches and dents equally as well (or in many cases better than) the strongest synthetic decking products on the market. However, no outdoor living product is immune to all damage under unexpected conditions. To assist in those rare occasions when Mirrite Outdoor Flooring gets scratched, Palram has developed an easy-to-use repair kit that will enable the homeowner or contractor to match the color of the Mirrite species and restore the protective shell. This process will dramatically minimize the appearance of the scratch.

Repair kits can be purchased from participating building supply dealers and lumberyards or from your contractor. The kits will be available on Amazon later in 2017.

You can download the Repair Instructions here.

will mirrite get stains on it?

Mirrite Outdoor Flooring is guarded by our proprietary MirriShield™ Protective Shell. Thanks to MirriShield, Mirrite is unaffected by common household products that can stain and/or damage other brands of PVC or composite decking. For example, the following products have NO NEGATIVE EFFECT on Mirrite Outdoor Flooring:

  • Many solvents (like acetone or rubbing alcohol)
  • Petroleum-based products (like tiki oil or WD-40)
  • Household items (like candle wax, but spray, sunscreen or rubber welcome mats)
  • Ice melts (like sodium chloride or potassium chloride)
  • Food items (like ketchup or mustard)

For a more complete list of products that are safe to use with Mirrite, download our Installation & Care Guide here.


Mirrite meets or exceeds the slip resistance of any other synthetic decking product on the market today.

how do i clean mirrite?

It is recommended that you wash your deck periodically with warm soapy water or ordinary household cleaning products like Simple Green® as recommended below to remove surface dirt and debris.

Power washing is not required to clean Mirrite. However, Mirrite may be power washed with a gas or electric-powered spray hose using a water pressure that is no higher than 1100 PSI (pounds per square inch). A fan tip nozzle should be used along with the proper cleaning product. Spray no closer than 12" from the deck surface.

For more cleaning guidelines, plus a list of recommended cleaners according to the type of stain, download the Installation & Care Guide here.

How is mirrite installed?

Mirrite installs exactly the same as other synthetic deck products. It is available in grooved or square edge. Both Tiger Claw TCG clips and HIDfast can be used for installation. Matching Cortex plugs and fasteners are available for all species of Mirrite. No special edge profiles are required, because Mirrite extends all the way down the sides of every board. This also preserves the real wood look in the gaps between boards.

You can download the Installation & Care Guide here.

SHOULD I PAINT the cut ends of mirrite boards?

Because Mirrite has a white cap layer, whenever an end cut is performed, the perimeter of the white cap layer will be exposed. This will not cause any detrimental effects, nor will it affect the performance of the boards. However, some consumers may desire a more finished look.

A simple way to finish the edges is to use a surface-matching exterior acrylic paint to cover the cut ends of the boards where they are visible. Apply paint to the cut ends of each board using a sponge-type paint brush or small 1" roller.

Before it dries, wipe away excess paint that may adhere to the top or side surfaces of the board. Follow the paint manufacturer's instructions for recommended curing times in various weather conditions.

Mirrite SpeciesOlympic ONE Color Match Paint
Oiled Ipe
1 quart size
Olympic ONE Exterior Latex, Flat, Base 5
101-42, 109-1Y22, 111-6, 113-16
1 quart size
Olympic ONE Exterior Latex, Flat, Base 5
101-6.5, 113-3, 115-1Y5, 214-2Y7.5
American Black Walnut
1 quart
Olympic ONE Exterior Latex, Flat, Base 5
101-33, 214-1Y43, 217-44

Palram provides this information as a service, and is not intended to be an endorsement of any particular brand of paint. It is very important to use a high quality, 100% acrylic exterior-grade paint for its superior adhesion and elasticity.